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Choosing the Right Styling Products

You’ll have seen for yourself the vast amount of styling products on the shelves, and choosing just one can be a daunting task. If you want healthy, glossy and strengthened hair then find out first what you need to be looking for and what results you desire before browsing for hair styling products. Here’s a guide to assist you:

  • Straight: there are few styling products that are capable of a completely sleek and silky look that’s long-lasting. So which products can do the job? Look for hair straightening or balms that coat each strand and protect them as they dry. Avoid the roots when applying and don’t get to eager with the amount, you don’t want to look greasy! If your hair is thin or fine, consider the water-based products as an option, they won’t weigh down on your locks and provide a smooth and silken outcome.
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  • Wavy: to develop the natural texture of your wavy hair, use a wave enhancing spray on damp locks to create a wonderfully tousled style that looks natural and fashionable. Wave enhancing products can further produce an amazing gloss and make your locks much more manageable. If you haven’t been blessed with wavy tresses, that doesn’t mean you can’t create them! Use a flat iron and apply wave enhancing products for a natural looking result.
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  • Curly: curls require plenty of moisture to keep them defined and bouncy, so you need a gel or cream that is able to shape and hydrate your locks in order to obtain this result. What’s the difference between gel and cream? Gels separate your tresses and provide more texture and shape, while creams soften and smooth out, getting rid of frizz dramatically. Apply evenly on damp hair, distribute with your fingers and dry your locks with a diffuser, the outcome will be improved shine, frizz reduction and beautiful, defined curls.
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  • Frizz reduction: we all hate frizz, it’s the kind of annoying problem that can ruin our day and it can happen with any hair type. Frizz can usually pop up with humid weather but it can also be caused by heat damage from heat styling tools without the barrier of a heat protectant. However, you can still get rid of frizz with a smoothing serum! Just apply on damp hair and radically increase shine and smoothness, with each strand sealed in with moisture for the very best results. If your hair is curly, you should also complement the frizz treatment with a defining gel or cream to boost the style, but use the smoothing serum first. The thicker or curlier your hair is, the more serum you need.
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  • Volume: creating volume that leaves your hair still looking soft and natural is difficult, but there are plenty of products that can help you accomplish this without leaving your locks stiff. Keep in mind your hair type before shopping for volume styling products, thin or fine hair can be weighed down with heavy formulas or vast amounts of product so stick with lightweight mousses or spray gels to give your tresses that extra lift without weighing them down. No more limp or flat locks, experience new heights instead!
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  • Shine: having a healthy glow to your hair is one of the most wanted results from styling products, because shine basically represents the vitality of your locks. To obtain this result, use shine enhancing serums on wet or dry hair, or apply a spray to give your locks that polished look and to also set the style in place. You can also boost your hair’s shine with heat styling tools, as they help smooth out the strands and provide a glossy outlook.
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    Styling Products for Men

    Women aren’t the only wants who want their hair to look fabulous, but the difference is that men like things to the point. Men want products that can deliver results with brief instructions of use to make the most out of their look. However, it’s good to differentiate the different styling products available just so you can make a good buying decision to achieve the best results. Here’s a quick list of descriptions to guide you:

  • Gels: give you control over your hair and provide a firm hold that lasts through the day. Ideal for thick, short hair, gels can offer increased shine and boost volume.
  • Creams: deeply hydrate every strand and allow you to control the styling process, increasing shine and providing shape. Great for creating soft, natural looking curls or sleek styles.
  • Mousses: provide volume and lift while giving you the means to control the way you style. Mousses help thicken and strengthen strands, which is ideal for thin or fine hair.
  • Pastes: great for creating dynamic shapes and sculpting your hair with good definition and detail, providing a natural looking, textured matte finish. Ideal for thin or fine hair.
  • Pomades: perfect for naturally wavy hair, they enhance the existent texture and define layers, allowing for a flexible hold and great finish that looks natural.
  • Wax: gives your hair texture and dimension while defining the details. With wax you can create spontaneous shapes such as spikes or dreads.
  • Now it’s up to you to use your styling products. If you’ve started on a brand new product, it’s best to check the instructions carefully until you feel confident enough to start experimenting to obtain the results you want. You can try different types of styling products and narrow the choice down to the ones that work the best for you, and give them a permanent spot in your styling routine.


    The Rest is Up to You

    Now that you’re armed with all the products you need for creative styling, it’s up to you to determine how you’ll use them. You may want to follow the instructions careful at first but there’s no need to feel afraid to experiment until you achieve the results you desire. Start with a little and work your way up if you’re unsure and soon you’ll find the styling routine that works best on your hair.