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Choosing the Right Hair Treatment

You would take some medicine if you weren’t feeling well, or maybe you would rely on vitamins to keep parts of your body in working order. Well, it shouldn’t be different with your hair, it needs to be cared for too, just like any area of your body. If your hair isn’t properly treated it can affect the way you look and ultimately the way you feel so try and keep your tresses refreshed and revitalized with different treatments that are designed to heal every strand. There are many environmental factors that play a role in damaging your hair, and the same occurs with heat styling tools and general aging but there are ways you can prevent or at least slow down these processes.

Go for a nice, relaxing hair massage at the spa to bring your locks to life, or simply opt for doing your own hair care sessions in the comfort of your own home with lines of hydrating and restorative treatments that will have your hair glowing in no time.

Hair care comes in an assortment of presentations such as oils, cream, masks, liquids and lots more. Each offers different benefits and are specifically designed to play a certain part in your hair treatment. For example, some products can be left in for hours while others must be washed out, some can be used with heat and others applied right before bedtime. What’s the difference between a hair treatment and what you get from a regular shampoo and conditioner? Well for starters, a hair treatment is a lot more nourishing and tons more complete than a quick shampoo and condition. You have so many benefits to gain from a thorough hair treatment which is way more intense and provides so much for your hair.

Which treatment is the best one for you? It all depends on what your hair needs to be treated for. Take a look at the following list of descriptions for an idea of what to choose:

Color Protection

Treatments that focus on color protection work towards conserving the vibrancy of your locks while delivering great shine and a general healthy glow.
Color protection hair treatments

Damage Repair

Create stronger, more resilient strands with damage repairing treatments that begin to heal from root to tip, sealing the cuticles to prevent damage from external factors. Avoid dullness with these treatments, which restore your hair’s healthy shine.
Damage repair hair treatments


known to smooth disobedient locks dramatically and greatly reduce frizz, keratin can be used as a treatment to control your hair and improve shine with long lasting formulas.
Keratin hair treatments


Restore elasticity to your tresses and deeply hydrate them to bring out that healthy glow. With these treatments you can replenish much needed moisture and revitalize each strand to regain the vitality that was lost.
Moisturizing hair treatments

Thickening and Volumizing

You can provide lots more body for thin or fine hair with these treatments which concentrate on thickening each strand. Enjoy lots more lift and tons more volume!
Thickening and volumizing hair treatments


You can dramatically reduce frizz and smooth down flyaways with this kind of hair treatment. Deeply moisturize your tresses to make them easier to manage and soft to the touch, not to mention shiny!
Smoothing treatments


Now that you have an idea of what type of hair treatment you can depend on, the next step is knowing how to correctly use it. There are different ways to apply different products and doing it the correct way can determine the outcome. How often you apply the treatment is also important, for example conditioning dry hair regularly or just once a week for normal hair. Here are some steps towards properly using some hair care products:


Apply the treatment to your damp hair normally and then make a braid that will last all day to lock in the nutrients and constantly hydrate to replenish your hair’s health. This is great for summer because not only does it keep your hair out of the way, it also creates a protective barrier against sun, sea salt and chlorine.


If you want your hair treatment to be absorbed more efficiently, use heat. This doesn’t mean holding the product over the stove in order to warm up, just apply the treatment and wrap your hair in a lightweight towel. Next, break out your hair dryer and gently heat up your hair using the lowest setting in order to open the cuticles and absorb the treatment.


Right before bedtime, use the hair treatment as usual and twist your hair into a bun at the top of your head or wrap your hair in a scarf that you don’t mind getting stained. You may have to use a special hair-mask pillowcase while sleeping with the treatment in. Wake up in the mornings with hydrated and refreshed tresses!


You don’t have to stick to a strict treatment routine, you can always mix and match, combining various products to provide the best benefits for your locks. This way you can control the way your hair looks and feels.