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Choosing the Right Hair Conditioner

The foundation of healthy hair is of course a good shampoo and conditioner. Conditioners offer a means to complement the treatment already started from your shampoo and can have your hair looking and feeling softer and smoother. Each strand will be strengthened and hydrated, preventing breakages and leaving locks healthy as well as shiny.

You may have left the conditioner part out of your usual hair care routine until now, but just keep in mind how important it is for healthy tresses. Many people prefer not to use conditioner because of adverse results but that’s mainly due to improper usage. Always follow the instructions the first few times to make sure you’re doing everything correctly, whether you’re dealing with a leave-in conditioner or one that needs to be rinsed immediately after application.

Using a conditioner requires some experimenting and trial and error. For example, if you notice that the product is making your hair limp and flat, leave it in for a minute less than what it says in the instructions. Test and try until you get the result you want. It’s a good idea to comb the conditioner through your hair for a more effective absorption. Your hair type requires certain conditioning treatments, so not all products work in the same way on every hair type. Read on to find out which conditioner can enhance your own locks.

Thin/Fine Hair

Just because it’s already thin or fine, doesn’t mean you can skip a conditioning treatment. This hair type can benefit from lightweight formulas that can easily rinse out and even provide volume without weighing down your hair and making it limp or flat. Leaving out the conditioner from your hair care routine can result in flyaway hair that suffers from a lack of moisture, body and shine. Make sure to look for the following ingredients when browsing for conditioner: caffeine, panthenol, biotin and amino acids. These are great for thickening and reinforcing strands for stronger, healthier hair. If your hair is very fine, just apply conditioner to the ends (or two inches from the roots) making sure to avoid the crown area.
Thin/fine hair conditioners

Normal/Medium Hair

With these hair types, there’s still work to do in order to maintain normalcy and general health. Keeping moisture levels balanced and conserving natural texture is the gist of what you need to focus on with normal hair. Choose a conditioner that can maintain moisture levels and preserve the vitality of each strand while enhancing shine with the help of ingredients such as eucalyptus, wheat proteins and vitamins A, C and E. These elements refresh and reinforce your locks with each application and are intended to be effective with daily use.
Normal/medium hair conditioners

Curly Hair

Curly hair needs plenty of moisture to maintain its twists, turns and bounce. A conditioner designed for this hair type can deeply hydrate and nourish your curls, defining them and glossing them from roots to ends. With curly hair, the natural oils produced from the scalp don’t manage to travel all the way down the shaft to reach the ends, leaving them dry and frizzy. A good conditioner can help put back that much needed moisture and get rid of frizz and dryness. The ingredients you should look for are the following: shea butter, glycerin and olive oil, which all provide elasticity and can generally conserve your hair’s health. Professionals suggest using conditioners that contain plenty protein to enhance the appearance of your curls.
Curly hair conditioners

Thick Hair

If you’re a frequent sufferer of the ‘lampshade’ look, where the bottom is fuller than the top, then you need a conditioner that treats thick hair. Frizz and flyaways can also be a problem, but when you find the right conditioner to deal with this, you can stop worrying. Check for ingredients like soy milk or avocado oil to distribute the weight and texture of your hair while smoothing each strand. You’ll find that with constant and correct usage of conditioner, your hair will have become much easier to manage and much more balanced in terms of volume.
Thick hair conditioners

Oily Hair

Ironically, the cause of oily hair is a dry scalp, so you need a conditioner that can get rid of the dryness that makes the oil glands in your scalp go nuts and over-produce oil leaving you with that non-too-flattering greasy look. Don’t use the conditioner (or shampoo) every single day, because you’ll be washing away the natural oils and what you require is the opposite. With a correct and controlled use of conditioner, you can level out the oil production in your scalp and enjoy shinier, softer and cleaner locks.
Oily hair conditioners

Damaged or Chemically Treated Hair

This hair type requires plenty of care and intensive treatment to replenish moisture and strengthen each strand. Try leave-in conditioner to heal and revitalize the hair shaft while deeply hydrating the strands in order to restore general health to your hair. This way, your tresses will become smoother, softer, stronger and much more manageable. Ingredients such as argan oil patch up damaged areas of the cuticle and nurse your hair back to normal, so keep your eyes peeled when shopping for conditioner. It’s a good idea to choose a product that can work with the chemical treatment you’ve had for your hair.
Damaged or chemically treated hair conditioners

Color Treated Hair

Conserving the tone and vibrancy of color treated locks is possible with the right conditioner. The products specially designed to work with colored and highlighted hair contain specific ingredients to preserve vital tones and prevent fading with every wash. Here are some ingredients you should find: amino acids, sunflowers extract and UV filters, these will strengthen the color and provide protection from external factors. You can enjoy bright, healthy locks with long-lasting tones.
Color treated hair conditioners

Hair Loss

The existence of specially formulated shampoos for hair loss, means that there are conditioners to treat the same problem. With a hair loss conditioner you can encourage growth and thicken each strand in order to prevent them falling out, stimulating your scalp and hair follicles to achieve the result. You will find your hair’s health greatly improved, so you can stop worrying about how many strands you’re going to find on your pillow in the mornings.
Hair loss conditioners

Sun and Swim Protection

The sun’s rays and the pool’s chlorine don’t exactly go well with your hair. Too much of either these things can do quite a bit of damage to your locks if you don’t have a conditioner to protect them and prevent further harm. Find a conditioner that contains sunscreens and moisturizing ingredients to preserve health and shine, along with creating a barrier over your tresses as protection from environmental factors.
Sun and swim protection conditioners

Remember that complementing your shampoo routine with a conditioner is essential for the very best results, your locks will appreciate it in the long run!