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Choosing the Right Gels and Glues

If you love unique and dramatic looks, or if you simply prefer to continuously experiment with your hair, than you’re a perfect candidate for gels and glues. Versatile products like these are great for turning your hair into a styling playground while simultaneously providing a wide range of benefits. Gels are perfect for defining and enhancing the natural characteristics of your locks and also help out with other aspects such as smoothing, straightening or volumizing, depending on the type of gel you choose. Glues can help you create all sorts of bold and daring shapes that can last well into the day thanks to their excellent holding properties.

So if you’re ready to go wild with your hair, you first need to pick out the perfect gel or glue for your hair. There are plenty of them out there that serve a specific purpose, and to help you choose which is the most beneficial for your hair, here’s a list of brief list describing what gels have to offer and what gels can do for your locks. Read on!

Smoothing Gel

Get rid of frizz and flyaways with a smoothing gel that hydrates and seals in moisture. Apply the gel on damp hair before breaking out the hair dryer, you’re guaranteed to get plenty of shine and a style that will hold for longer. If your hair is curly, a diffuser will do a great job of drying your curls without mussing them up. If, however, you wish to go bone straight, then use a concentrator to obtain sleek results.
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Straightening Gel

With this gel you can lock in essential moisture and straighten your hair without leaving it stiff or sticky. While heat styling it’s a good a good to use heat protectant to prevent damage, so a straightening gel that provides this benefit is a must-buy. Apply the gel to damp hair and use layer of serum to maximize its potential, then blow dry with the help of a round brush to get your locks as straight as you want them. You can finish off with a flat iron to complete the style if you wish.
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Volumizing Gel

Want body for your hair? Accomplish it with volumizing gels that provide fullness and lift, reinforcing and supporting the roots to achieve height. Not only that but it’s useful properties permit your style to be held firmly in place despite hair type (whether straight, wavy or curly), all you have to do is apply to damp or dry hair, using on specific sections or your entire head, depending on where you want the most volume.
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Curling Gel

Enhance the natural texture of your curls while simultaneously reducing frizz dramatically and defining each twist and turn. Apply curling gel to damp hair and use your fingers to get the tangles out and to evenly distribute the product. Air dry or use the blow dryer with diffuser attachment to dry without causing frizz. Finish off the look with a spray gel to provide long lasting shine and vitality.
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Need an extreme hold for unruly hair? If you want the hold all over, then it’s best to apply the glue all over also, but it’s recommended that you use it on specific sections and smaller details that need most attention and holding instead of applying glue everywhere unnecessarily. You’ll save glue and effort if you focus on sections at a time.
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Gel Weight

So now you know about the different types of gels, but there’s more to gels than just the type of style you’re hoping for. Lots of the gels available are categorized by weight: light, medium and firm. You need to purchase a gel with a weight that suits the characteristics of your hair. If your hair is fine or thin, then a light hold gel will suffice, you won’t want too much product weighting down on your locks and making them look limp. If your hair is thicker, courser and frizzier, use a medium or firm hold gel to smooth down frizz and firmly keep styles in place.

Other Options

Don’t worry, there are plenty gels on the market to choose from, including alcohol-free gel that’s great for curly, dry or damaged hair since the lack of alcohol permits gentle, effective styling without draining your hair of much needed moisture, leaving it healthy and shiny. Spray gel is one of the easiest to apply and distribute over curls that tend to be unruly and disobedient. You can find brightening gels that bring out the color and shine in your hair especially if it’s light. So if you’re blond or had highlights done, this is a perfect product for you.
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